Why choose Hysia?Our core strengths

We leverage our extensive consulting and services experience in Japan and the rest of Asia to provide a strong network of sales offices and professional staff throughout Asia.


Hands-on management approach

All our staff spend time out in the field, rather than sitting behind a desk. This is the only way in which they can understand individual facilities’ hygiene and environmental problems and offer solutions for these.

Hysia derives a sense of achievement from helping customers resolve their issues on-site at their workplace, rather than just offering consulting solutions. We use all our capabilities and resources to analyze information and objective data. With the help of all our staff, we instruct our customers on the basics to help them create a self-sustaining sanitary environment that does not need our support and involvement. Through improving our clients’ workplaces, we aim to help our customers and society.


Total solutions

We offer fully comprehensive solutions, not partial fixes

Environmental hygiene problems are often part of a wider process issue. Solutions need to take account of the whole picture, including issues related to personnel, raw materials, storage and distribution, manufacturing and cost. Our firm belief is that processes and know-how should be innately embedded in the culture of the workplace, rather than just being an ad-hoc response to a problem.

Improving effectiveness and cost efficiency across the entire quality management process through providing a one-stop service, including development of new management processes, auditing, employee training and sanitary construction services.


International support network

HYSIA provides high quality low cost services in collaboration with its local partners overseas.

We select our local partners through a rigorous screening process, and offer regular training in Japan once we start working with them. We share know-how and support on a daily basis using in-house messaging tools and offer collaborative solutions when difficulties arise. This system enables use to leverage local our know-how and networks to maximum effect while accommodating the needs of Japanese customers and keeping the cost of our services competitive at the local level.

Service Flow

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