Facility Maintenance & Cleaning Services

Hysia provides a comprehensive range of services for the frontline of factories and production plants, including maintenance of septic tanks and grease traps,


Cleansing programs for factories and manufacturing equipment

Cleaning and cleansing of manufacturing machinery, where hazards arise from contact with products, which cannot be cleaned through internal cleaning routines.

This includes washing and rinsing off organic matter such as food residue and removal of bacteria, pests, and allergens.


Septic tank and grease trap management

Hysia offers safe disposal of waste and grease in facilities and compliance with local laws and regulations. We help our clients achieve cost reductions through tailored solutions based on individual circumstances, including the removal of oils and fats and bio-treatment initiatives.


Sterilization of water storage and drainage equipment

Hysia is able to clean and sterilize water supply and drainage facilities that require a sterile environment, such as manufacturing and cooking water and drinking water. We performs water quality inspections before and after our service to verify the effectiveness of the program and to maintain service records.


Air conditioning / supply / exhaust equipment maintenance

Air pollution can spread throughout a facility via its air supply and exhaust systems. In addition, issues with cleanliness or the filter function in air supply systems can allow bacteria and pests to get in from outside. To combat these risks, our solutions and counter measures include control of positive and negative pressure.

Other Services

Hygiene Management Consulting

Bio-risk Management

HYSIA Partnership Program

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