Consulting & Audit

We offer a comprehensive range of consulting and auditing services covering topics such as the construction of new facilities, safe supply of pharmaceutical and food products, operational efficiency improvements and business compliance, upgrades to transaction capabilities (including overseas business), linking employee performance objectives with quality control standards, as well as improvements in quality and customer satisfaction in F&B services.


Consulting on facilities and hygiene systems

We offer consulting services on the design of workplace facilities, such as food factories incorporating food safety management systems based on HACCP.
We offer overseas consulting capabilities in collaboration with our local teams and cover topics such as local laws and regulations, or environmental surveys.


Supporting food safety management systems

We offer on-site support to customers to help them improve their operating environment through the introduction of enhanced quality control and food safety management standards. We provide hygiene management services including improvements to working and cleaning practices and processes, along with equipment maintenance.


Auditing and inspection services

We undertake audits of business partners, as well as performing internal audits to aid customer self-improvement initiatives. We are fully flexible and can audit a broad range of items; we are not limited to audits on quality, food safety or the hygiene environment. We are committed to offering competitive prices for our services: we are fully aware that for overseas companies, the cost of using an auditor from Japan can be expensive and time-consuming.


Staff education and seminars

Improving the basic knowledge and awareness of staff in the field underpins an effective management system and a self-sustaining cycle of improvement. We focus on a collaborative approach: rather than just giving instructions, we help our customers set objectives and consult with them on their individual needs and requirements.

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