Bio-risk Management

Hysia offers a variety of services including IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and pest control; cleaning and sterilization of clean rooms; mold control and removal; disinfection and deodorization.


IPM and Pest Control

We follow IPM theory to design and implement control processes for rodents and insects. We collect data to assess and analyze the cause of infestations and implement countermeasures to eliminate sources and protect against internal breeding and intrusions. We are committed to the balanced adoption of methods that are safe, sensitive to the environment, economically efficient and highly effective.

Conventional operation of pest control heavily relys on pesticides. However, often the risk of chemical residue from these pesticides cause greater risk than the pests themselves. We help our customers transition from their current pest control system to IPM smoothly and efficiently.


Cleaning and sterilization of clean rooms (sterile rooms)

We perform special cleaning and sterilization programs for facilities that require a sterile environment, such as clean rooms for pharmaceutical or precision equipment manufacturing facilities, dispensing rooms for pharmacies and operating rooms for hospitals. Our services include testing of surface adherent and airborne bacteria to verify the effects of the cleaning process.


Mold prevention and removal

We investigate the causes of mold, improve environmental factors such as temperature and humidity and provide services for removal and prevention of mold. We also offer our services to private residences.


Disinfection and deodorization

We offer a range of programs including general disinfection, prevention of infectious disease and deodorization. We assess situations on a case by case basis and provide tailored solutions to ensure safety and effectiveness

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