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Environmental hygiene solutions and services in Japan and Asia

Hysia provides a comprehensive range of services related to quality control, food safety and environmental hygiene in Japan and Asia.

We support our clients by ensuring that their quality management systems comply with international standards as well as local environments. We offer a range of services from consulting on new management processes through to HACCP compliance, sanitary service programs, auditing and employee training and education..

Language issues and cultural differences often hamper quality control and weigh on management costs, particularly for overseas businesses. HYSIA has a network of sales offices and professional human resources throughout Asia. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Commercial disinfection services

HYSIA has provided expert antimicrobial cleaning and hygiene services for many years in Asia, with a focus on Japan, Singapore and Taiwan. Our highly-trained staff have strong practical experience in utilizing scientifically proven measures to disinfect bacteria and viruses.

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We leverage our extensive consulting and services experience in Japan and the rest of Asia to provide a strong network of sales offices and professional staff throughout Asia.

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Do you feel like you spend too much time and money looking for the right service providers and products to use?
Hysia is a one-stop solution for all environmental hygiene issues.

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